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What's in the Magical Heat Pad ? The pad contains water and food grade sodium acetate (a form of salt) and a stainless steel disc.

How is the heat produced ?
Liquid creates a chain reaction causing the pad to crystallize. This crystallization always occurs at a temperature of  50°- 54° C. Once activated, the pad has available to it a predetermined amount of energy. It will use this energy to increase the temperature of the pad to 130 degrees F / 54 C and use whatever is left to maintain that temperature. This ability to produce heat for a period of time is accomplished because all of the liquid does not crystallize immediately.
Molecules that were not required to heat the pad to its maximum temperature will remain liquid, and crystallize as required, to maintain the maximum temperature.
How can I re-use the pad?
Once the pad has given off all of its heat it will remain in its crystallized state until it is recharged. This is accomplished by placing the crystallized pad in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes (depending upon the size of the pad) until all of the crystals are melted. Once completely liquefied, remove the pad from the water and store it until it is required. The pad should remain liquid as it cools. If crystals form as the pad cools it has not been boiled long enough. Place the pad in boiling water again until all the crystals have dissolved and the pad is completely clear.

Do not put in microwave
or freezer !



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The Baby Bottle

50 ° C
instantly !

To keep warm in any situation, without waiting, even outdoors, the Magical Heat Pack provide heat, instantly and up to 50 ° C.

The Majestyl Magic Heat Pads are reusable in about ten minutes (depending on size).

The metallic pellet of this heat pack has a magical effect as it allows you to activate it in an instant, when you need it, anytime, anywhere, without a microwave or any other heat source !

The different models of this Magical Heat Pack offer a wide range of uses and you can :

. warm your hands or feet when you are hunting, fishing, riding a motorcycle, hiking or while working outdoors,

. keep your children warm while they are waiting for the bus, when they get out of the pool or after their sport activities,

. warm your bed before going to sleep, at home, at a hotel, cottage or while you are camping,

. to keep your body warm (back pain, sore neck ...).

. to keep your toast in the bread basket warm ! To do this, add one or two Magic Heat Packs at the bottom of the bread basket, cover the Magic Heat Packs with a towel, then place the slices of toast on top of the towel.

. and many other wonderful situations.


Using guide :

Majestyl heating pads contain sodium acetate and water.
Just press the clicker inside, the bag will get instant heat.

The heat pad will heat to approximately 50° C and will stay warm for up to an hour. The bag can be easily reused by boiling in hot water for about ten minutes or until the crystals once again turn to liquid.

Let cool down and repeat the heating process the same as to begin with.